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    Escrow & Title Software
    A Single Solution for Opening, Storing & Closing Files.
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    Beyond Paperless
    Upload and Share Documents. Quick to Install, Easy to Train.
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    Fast and Easy Management
    Work with Ease with the icdCloud User Friendly Interface.
    Adapt icdCloud and notice the difference.
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    Next Level Integration
    CFPB Complaint, Closing Insight built in, and directly syncs with iClosings.
    Seamless Business to Business Cooperation.

Simple, Smooth, Powerful
Solutions for printing, filing, storing and retrieving documents.


The CFPB is changing how we do business and protect customer non-public information. Adopt icdCloud to upload, download, and share documents. Join the Paperless revolution. Go PAPERLESS Today!


iClosingsDirect syncs seamlessly to the cloud, enabling documents to be sent to the cloud with ease. A much Faster work environment!


"Communication is Key". Communication through icdCloud facilitates the secure sharing of documents. Uploaded and share documents with just a few clicks.

Closing Insight / RealEC

Collaboration is the future of the industry. We are pleased to offer our newest integration with RealEC and Closing Insight. Receive transactions, communicate file status, exchange documents and UCD files with an easy to use interface.


icdCloud utilizes secure email links that allow direct access to customers who are connected to the transaction. You determine who, what, and when they see it.


We provide step-by-step instructions and training videos to get you up to speed and a Live Helpdesk just in case you need someone to talk to.

Communication improved with icdCloud.

Keeping Business to Business tasks critical.

All of these scenarios scream for integration. Systems are made to be integrated and we possess a variety of tools to facilitate the seamless transfer of data, information, and documents. Integrations improve accuracy and decrease time necessary to complete tasks, often instantaneously sharing and connecting core business functions.

"Communication is Key"

In any business situation, this quote could not be more applicable. Many issues that arise in business could be solved with increased or well-timed communication. If we give employees and customers the correct information at the correct time, we can promote our continued success. By streamlining your processes and workflows, your people are free to concentrate on priorities that grow your customer relationships instead of fixing outstanding issues and giving unnecessary updates.

With icdCloud, Communication is not only Simplified, but also more accurate and opportune.
Simplified Tools

Embedded in our process are tools that promote communication at key points in your process. Communication through icdCloud facilitates the sharing of documents, either automatically through system-wide configuration rules or manually with internal users having control.

Secure & Encrypted

All icdCloud tools utilize secure email links that allow direct access to customers who are connected to the transaction. Any parties of a transaction can collaborate and share documents on icdCloud. With controlled access, you determine who sees what and when they see it.

icdTasking Integrated

Built into icdCloud is our icdTasking module. This module facilitates the timely delivery of important to-do items based on custom criteria laid out by your organization. We can customize multiple to-do lists based on business logic and workflow requirements that will keep employees on track while they simultaneously manage multiple files and customers.

Dedicated Optimization

Managers will enjoy top level reporting views that grant the ability to isolate workflow problems and forecast delays in the final product well before deadlines are passed. icdTasking will keep your company focused on business critical processes while delivering a more consistent end-product to your customers.



Files Uploaded to icdCloud.

And Counting!

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